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“Come quickly, I am drinking the stars.”

Our love for Africa, discovery, and sparkling wine’s close association with the stars inspired the creation of “Jewel Box”. The Southern Cross, or Crux, is the best known constellation in the Southern Hemisphere’s skies, giving early explorers their bearings when traveling the southern oceans. Hidden within Crux is a fascinating deep-sky object known as Kappa crucis. Regarded as one of the finest open clusters in the Milky Way galaxy, it was discovered in South Africa in 1751. Kappa crucis took its nickname “Jewel box” from noted English astronomer, Sir John Herschel, who referred to it as a “casket of variously coloured precious stones.” The Jewel Box cluster consists of approximately 100 vibrant stars made up of a mixture of brilliant reds and blues, yellows and whites.

Silverthorn Jewel Box

Jewel Box (2018)

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