Silverthorn The River Dragon

River Dragon

Benevolent, wise and powerful, the ‘River Dragon’ of Silverthorn appears eternally silhouetted against the River Without End Mountains.

Silverthorn The Green Man 2020

The Green Man

Half human, half nature, the Green Man is an ancient mythical figure representing the spirit of the forest.

Silverthorn Jewel Box

Jewel Box

Jewel Box is inspired by our ethos of Afropean synergy, combining old world European heritage and knowledge; and our contemporary African environment and culture.

Silverthorn The Genie

The Genie

Embracing the free-willed spirit of the Genie, we opted for something far more daring and exotic, and used Shiraz, an ancient grape variety, originating from Persia.

Silverthorn The Big Dog

The Big Dog

Very exclusive vintage which is not for sale but auctioned annually by the Cape Winemakers Guild.

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