Bubbly is good for your brain

When raising a glass of Cap Classique and toasting ‘Cheers’ the general attitude is that this is a way of figuratively praising one’s health. Recent research has now proven that moderate consumption of Bubbly genuinely protects the brain. A joint study by the universities of Reading and Cagliari found that phenolic compounds in sparkling wine such as tyrosol and caffeic acid help protect the brain against injuries incurred during a stroke and other ailments such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. (http://www.articlealley.com/ Health benefits of Champagne)

On a less scientific level sparkling wine is commonly associated with celebration and the general sense of euphoria imparted is great at raising the spirits and encouraging a sense of well being.

Sparkling wine is the natural choice for the modern health conscious life style. Low in alcohol (average of 11.5%) and very low in SO2 (in order to ensure secondary fermentation its less than 50ppm) it is not surprising that Cap Classique is currently the only wine sector with significant growth in South Africa. Now I know why it’s socially acceptable to drink Bubbly first thing in the morning with breakfast – I always thought it was to make the orange juice taste better…. Cheers.

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